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Bathroom Alteration

Hello Home Owner

If you are considering a Bathroom Refit you are going to need to know the order in which  things happen and the flow of one trade to another so I thought I would do a quick bullet point list of how this all comes together.

Firstly though you need to know who to engage; you can call us for a more in depth explanation but generally speaking the Builder is the driver of the bathroom job and we work alongside them, they can be found and engaged by us the Plumbers or by you. We have a few firms that we interact well with and know-how to get the job done together.

You will need; a Builder, a Plumber, a Sparky (electrician), at a minimum – may be a tiler, plasterer and painter.

The Job Flow is something like this;

  • Designs, ideas, quotes and drawings are all taken care BEFORE any work commences. If you are replacing same for same fixtures chances are you will not need a building consent. Additional fixtures and/or structural changes definitely will.

The more time you spend on getting this right and making decisions the more money you will save in the project…Late changes cost money.

  • Builder and Plumber attend site on Day one and demo existing bathroom, cap off water and turn it back on (and the sparky if necessary). If alternative bathroom arrangements can be made this makes the project easier and more seamless.
  • Once all is stripped back, re-piping and alteration to plumbing wastes etc is carried out. New timber for new fixtures such as wall hung vanities and mirror cabinets is installed along any changes to electrical for new towel rails, light, fans etc. (if consent has been raised a pre-line inspection will take place)
  • Next the shower and/or bath goes in but not completely fitted off, this work is a joint effort of Builder (and/or shower installer) and Plumber.
  • Then the builder lines the remaining walls and seals everything up and plasters. Leaving connections visible.
  • Walls are painted, flooring goes down, ceilings are painted.
  • Then final Plumbing and electrical fit off of shower rails, tap ware, vanity install, shower door, toilet, tiles installed, electrical switches are fitted.
  • Final Clean and commission (and Final Council inspection if consented work) and your new bathroom is complete.

We hope this helps, it may be obvious to some but for those who have never done it, this a brief description of the flow of work.

Thanks and Regards

The Friendly Team at F.B. Hall & Co. Ltd

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