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The team at F.B. Hall and Co Ltd service residential and commercial with a full range of plumbing and gasfitting services.

See our range of services below:


Maintenance for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes.

F.B. Hall & Co. Ltd's maintenance team are able to carry out all your plumbing needs from tap washers to kitchen and bathroom renovations offering a prompt efficient service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 We are more than happy to answer questions about plumbing issues that you have and to sort through any plumbing problems.

Hot Water Systems

When it comes to hot water, we all want the best pressure and supply we can get, in the most economical way of delivery. There are many ways to achieve this and a lot to be considered before and upgrade. A very basic list of hot water systems is:

  • Low pressure Electric Hot Water Cylinder, exhaust pipe through the roof - most common for houses older than 1990s and all Wetback installations.
  • Low pressure Electric Hot Water Cylinder, valve vented, exhaust pipe through the roof with a valve on it or valve in the cupboard with a drain through the floor - most common upgrade for shower performance in houses older than 1990s.
  • Mains Pressure Electric Internal: very simple and reliable, common from 1990s, and common upgrade to low pressure.
  • Mains Pressure Gas Internal or External: common from 1980s on; some are reaching the end of their life span.
  • Instantaneous external: Infinity or similar, common from late-1990s, becoming a very common upgrade to low pressure.
  • Mains Pressure Internal Electric with Indirect Loop, Silver Bullet or Greenglo etc; allows Mains Pressure and a Wetback Loop, very effective with a good wood burner.
  • Heat Pump Mains pressure electric: very efficient.
  • Solar Hot water Systems: generally mains pressure electric back-up.
  • Combi gas boilers: very common in Europe to cover space and hot water heating in one unit.

The ranges and options available are nearly endless. Call us for advice on the best option to suit your application.

Gas - Fitting

We are one of only a few firms in the Waikato that are equipped to offer gas servicing. Our gas team specializes in servicing the new era of electronic gas appliances.

Whether you require a water heating solution for a camp ground or a heater in your lounge, we can assist in every step of the way.

We offer a range of options for residential and commercial water and space heating - dealing with New Zealands major gas appliance suppliers.

Talk to us today about system design or advice to suit your requirements.

Drain-laying & Drain Clearing

Our equipment includes a high pressure drain cleaning unit and drain locating probe for resolving those inconvenient drain blockages, as well as an excavator and truck. We can arrange to have CCTV footage of your drain, and communicate with the Council, if needed, should you have ongoing issues.

  • New or replacement sewer or stormwater drainage
  • New design and installations
  • Drain clearing
  • Drainage repairs
  • Drain location

F B Hall & Co Ltd's maintenance team are able to carry out all your plumbing needs from tap washers to kitchen and bathroom renovations offering a prompt efficient service 24 hours/ seven days a week.


F B Hall & Co Ltd have a well-equipped sheetmetal workshop. With experienced sheetmetal workers, we can provide any and all light sheetmetal services no matter how big or small; from ducting to general welding and including stainless/mild steel.


F B Hall & Co Ltd provides expertise in Backflow Survey of your property or plans to comply with the current building requirements as well as Backflow Device installation, (IQP) testing and maintenance.

Hamilton City Water Supply Bylaw 2013 (section 10.14 Backflow Prevention) states that any property that is deemed a potential risk, and including all non-residential, will be required to have a Containment Device installed on the incoming water supply at the boundary to protect the utilities water supplies from any possibility of cross-connection or contamination from the site. The rating of this device is determined by the hazards identified from the plans provided,  with the minimum being “medium hazard”. This may need to be reviewed at time of construction if hazard ratings change.

This has been instigated by the requirements of the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007 which requires that all network suppliers must protect their public water supplies from any such possibility.

The site water supplies must also comply with the New Zealand Building Code Clause G12/AS/NZS 3500.1.2003.

Click here to read the bylaw in PDF format.


Roof leaks and repairs.

Replacement or repairs to internal and external guttering, or help redesigning problem areas.

Installation and repairs to skylights and roof penetrations.

Our tradesman are trained to carry out work in a safe and efficient manner so you know we can approach any situation with confidence.

For New Roofs or Reroofs  we suggest you call Metalcraft Roofing as this their specialty.


F B Hall & Co Ltd have carried out contracts of all sizes in the region; from high-rise buildings, commercial and industrial projects, to schools and apartment blocks.

F B Hall & Co Ltd has a long and proud history of completing many of the landmark contracts that make up the Hamilton cityscape and industrial fabric of the Waikato Region, as far back as the original Waikato hospital buildings through to the modern retail malls and cinemas, the new push into the “green building” sector and major and minor works to Fonterra.

We’re experienced in many types of projects, from small retail fitouts to full working abattoirs and medical facilities, high rise buildings, commercial and industrial plants, university, schools and apartment blocks.

Major projects include:


  • Latter Day Saints New Sites
  • Tristram Precinct 
  • Waikeria Prison 
  • Lakewood Cambridge
  • Summerset Rototuna
  • BUPA St Andrews and Foxbridge
  • Hill Laboratories
  • Porter Group New Buildings
  • Mainfreight Hamilton
  • Angelsea Hospital
  • Southern Cross Hospital
  • Seddon Park Grandstand Upgrade
  • Summerset Down the Lane Village
  • Silver Fern Farms Te Aroha Rebuild
  • The Base Te Awa and surrounding buildings
  • College Halls of Residence UOW
  • Hoyts Cinemas The Base
  • Pathlab Laboratories

Solar Hot Water Heating

F B Hall are accredited installers of Solar.

Solar range is based on evacuated tube technology which is more effective than flat plate collector technology, offering rapid conductivity and transfer of energy into heat.

System Operation Overview
1. The solar hot water collector converts sunlight into usable heat, warming the liquid in the header pipe.

2. Once the temperature in the header pipe is measured to be hotter than the water located in the bottom of the storage tank (T2), the pump will turn on. The liquid is slowly circulated through the header pipe in the collector, heating by ~7oC during each pass.

3. Solar systems are usually installed to use the water directly from the hot water cylinder. In some areas, a coil in the cylinder is used to protect against hard frosts or water quality issues. Throughout the day, the water in the storage tank is gradually heated up.

4. The temperature in the top of the solar tank (T3) is monitored and the solar system is shut down (or excess heat is dissipated) once a maximum temperature (~75oC) has been reached.

5. If the water is not already hot enough from solar input, then traditional heating systems boosts the solar pre-heated water up to the required temperature. Often, the booster is an electrical element inside the solar cylinder, or it can be a wetback, central heating system or gas water heater. Since the water has already been heated by solar energy, less energy is required to heat further.

Maintenance and Repairs

With the combined experience of our plumbers and shareholders there are not many problems we have seen in our years.

We have service agreements with many large commercial clients and various property management firms as well as specialising in domestic maintenance.

F.B. Hall & Co Ltd Operates from a modern well equipped, 850m2 workshop at 50 Greenwood St Frankton, Hamilton. Our workshop has complete sheet metal fabrication facilities our resources include, a 1.7t Hyundai excavator and tip truck and a 4.8t Airman excavator for the larger tasks, 3000 psi drain jetting unit, as well a full complement of plumbing tools and equipment. For any facilities we may require and do not have on site we have good working relationships with suppliers of specialist services such as drain cameras, waste water disposal trucks.

F B Hall are authorized service agents for the following companies and products:

Rinnai, Electrolux (Westinghouse, Simpson, Vulcan, Atlas, Chef), Aber, (Geo & Vulcan, Paloma),HJ Cooper, Parex (Insinkerator), Delonghi, Wallace Pumps, Bosch, Zenith.

Through our relationship with Fonterra we have developed a knowledge and respect for working in delicate areas of complex sites which require high standards of hygiene awareness and safety and the need to work in with area supervisors and systems.

We can build a Scheduled Servicing arrangement to ensure your site or residence is kept in peak condition, and to identify potential problems before they occur and create a stressful reactive breakdown situation.


F B Hall & Co Ltd's staff are fully trained and qualified holding a Certifying, Licensed, Exempt or Limited Licensed Apprentices in plumbing, gasfitting and drainage.

With up to 30 staff available including numerous vehicles, we are able to carry out work of any size.

We also have a public liability insurance of $10,000,000.

Underfloor Heating Servicing

Underfloor Heating Servicing

Water Fed Underfloor is a popular install during a new build.

There are a lot of systems in and around the greater Hamilton area.

We have the equipment and the expertise to flush and service your underfloor system to get it back to it's best.

There is generally a manifold of connecting pipes from the various ''loops or zones'' within your house.

On this manifold there are site glasses, the liquid in this site glass shall be clear and clean looking.

If it is black or sludgy looking it is definitely time to have your system flushed.

This will keep the system healthy and efficient as it can be.

Pumps do not like pumping sludge and heating grubby water is very inefficient.

Contact us on 07 8474780 and arrange a time to get a service completed before the next winter rush.

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